It was a few months ago we released the XenDesktop Design Handbook that contained a collection of reference designs, implementation guides and planning guides. When the handbook was initially released, it had a few items. Over the past couple of months we have included additional items like

  • Bandwidth planning
  • Windows 7 optimization guide
  • VM resource allocation
  • SMB reference design

But there was one annoying thing with the handbook.  Registrations.  Yuck. I personally am not a big fan of registering for content.  Apparently, I am not alone as this was one of the biggest requests I got, “Get rid of the registration page.”  So if you use this new link, you can get access to the XenDesktop Design Handbook without registration.

If you log in with your MyCitrix account, you get the added benefit of allowing you to sync the entire kit for offline use. Once you do this, you NEVER have to come back to the site. You just use the Citrix To Go tool to re-sync the handbook and you get everything. 

Enjoy the XenDesktop Design Handbook

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