Citrix is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of XenDesktop 5 for download from MyCitrix, or the XenDesktop 5 Express Edition here.
With XenDesktop 5, Citrix redefines desktop virtualization forever changing the way IT delivers applications and desktops to business users. XenDesktop combines the flexibility, user experience, and scale you expect from the industry’s leading desktop virtualization infrastructure while making deployment and ongoing management simple.
Simple to Manage – Simple to Scale
Designed from years of experience with large-scale virtual desktop deployments, the new Desktop Studio console guides administrators through deployment and management tasks with a few clicks of a mouse while the new Desktop Director  empowers the help desk with the search, troubleshooting and resolution tools they need to solve issues quickly. Also new to XenDesktop 5 is the Machine Creation Service (MCS), an integrated provisioning service that powers features like Quick Deploy, enabling administrators to create or even update  hundreds of virtual machines in seconds with just a few clicks, efficiently running from just a single image. The entire Desktop Studio console was built 100% from SDK-exposed commands allowing administrators to script any management functions for advanced workflow automation.

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High Definition User Experience
Citrix has been the gold standard in remote user experience technologies for over 20 years. Delivering a high-definition user experience, Citrix HDX continues to push the boundaries of network and server resource optimization through new print compression and plug-and-play HD video collaboration features. HDX also features Adaptive Orchestration, a function that inspects server and network load, and client capabilities, and then dynamically tunes HDX to provide the best possible user experience, using existing infrastructure, with the least use of resources with no administrative intervention.

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…Any User, Any Desktop
Only XenDesktop 5 delivers FlexCast technology enabling a common infrastructure to deliver virtual desktops for any use case. Whether a task worker using a shared desktop delivered through XenApp, a contractor using a hosted desktop from their own laptop, an office worker using a local-streamed desktop delivered to a PC, or a road warrior using a local desktop through XenClient, XenDesktop provides the flexibility to centralize and manage the enterprise desktop.
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…Any Device
Today’s enterprise has to deal with an explosion of new devices from iPads, Android, and Blackberry tablets to new generations of smarter phones and the growing trend of employee-owned laptops. Included in XenDesktop 5 is Citrix Receiver, a universal client for IT services making it simple for users to access applications or desktops securely, anywhere on the network as easily as turning on the TV. The Citrix Receiver enterprise application store allows administrators to publish Windows Web, or SaaS applications with user and role based access controls as an on-demand service. Users simply authenticate and select the applications they want to add to their smartphone, tablet, or virtual desktop for a convenient single-sign-on experience.
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…Any Application
While Windows and internal web applications make up the bulk of today’s enterprise applications, SaaS applications are quickly growing,  creating new challenges for user provisioning, training and identity management. Citrix Open Cloud Access, is available for and integrates with XenDesktop 5 to deliver a unique, enterprise network-delivered federated identity solution allowing IT to extend their existing identities to provision and authorize users for SaaS applications. Additionally, Open Cloud Access can be used to establish trusted relationships from other identity providers such as OpenID or even Facebook allowing IT to provision applications to users not in their Enterprise directory. With Open Cloud Access, IT can get their arms around ALL of the applications and data in their enterprise.
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Migrating from a previous version of XenDesktop?

No problem! Citrix will be publishing best practices and migration tools to help you make a smooth transition to XenDesktop 5 when you are ready.  Stay tuned for more news right after the new year.

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