This brief document will take you through the simple process of deploying XenDesktop 5 in a controlled manner for a Proof of Concept or a small pilot. Over the next few weeks I shall add to the content to include more complex deployment scenarios and will also provide a videos where possible.

The document is a collection of screen shots from an installation that worked for me. The primary intent is to assist you in deploying XD5 for a proof of concept and does not replace any official Citrix documentation. Please notify me of any mistakes etc and I will update the content.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Check Lists
  • Quick Deploy Installation – XenDesktop VDA
  • Quick Deploy Installation – XenDesktop Controller
  • Configuring XenDesktop via Quick Deploy
  • Testing the Deployment
  • Initial configuration tasks with Desktop Studio
  • Desktop Group Management
  • Basic Machine Management
  • Initial Daily Management with Desktop Director
  • Desktop Director – Usage example
  • Advanced Deployment with SQL
  • Updating Machines

Have fun with XenDesktop

XenDesktop 5 – Quick Start Guide