I was once asked what the most exciting moment in my life was and like many who have had the good fortune to have a family one tends to think about the birth of their children.  The equivalent  in the business world is the excitement of birthing a new company which I have had the good fortune to do  as a co-founder and investor in a new startup.   

This week  I have the privilege to multiply that effect across multiple startups as I join the Citrix Startup Accelerator  team as we launch our own new endeavour.   This is a fantastic opportunity to indentify and work with great new entrepreneur teams to help them develop their  ideas into wealth creating opportunities.  Citrix brings a unique set of resources to entrepreneurs that I believe can make a huge difference.  First of all we have global reach.  That means we are looking to work with entrepreneurs from around the world and we have access to a global network of customer and partners.  Second we have access to a exceptional set of mentors that includes successful entrepreneurs, Citrix executives and technology experts.  We also bring practical resources like funding with terms that are entrepreneur friendly. 

So check us out at www.citrix.com/startupaccelerator if you’re an entrepreneur looking to build a business and we look forward to working with you.