The survey is in, this time we had 4,951 responses vs. a similar survey we ran in June with 558 replies. Again the answer is people want to use their iPads for work. The continued interest is not surprising given the increasing number of apps as well as the Citrix solution that IT can safely support. The number of people depending on the iPad and using it daily ( 46% )  is remarkable given it’s only been on the market for 7 months. In fact 13% ( 180 ) say the iPad is mission critical for their job. If a business can increase employee productivity and respond faster to customers, the payback can be significant.  
Note that this informal survey ( but with significant numbers ) was primarily answered by Citrix Customers who may also be interested in the iPad. That means they understand the capability to securely enable access to company resources including employees that bring their own iPad to work. The IT support for iPads at businesses that are not Citrix customers is likely much lower.
Congratulations to Matt D. from Tennessee, the iPad survey winner. Put your new iPad to Work !

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