We all know how important it is to secure access to data, apps and desktops. And we also know how important it is to access apps and data from anywhere and any device with the fewest hurdles! Can we really have a strong but invisible security?

That is the thought I had when I read this success story from Arizona State University. They have tried to strengthen security while trying to make SSL VPNs transparent to users-- something that Citrix Access Gateway and Receiver led Arizona State University to replace Cisco’s SSL VPN and AnyConnect client.

You may read the entire report at Simplifying Secure Remote Access to make SSL VPN transparent to users

Some excerpts and quotes from the report:

“… university has responded by simplifying and consolidating those processes so that users aren’t even aware that they’re using VPNs. … I really hate VPNs and am trying to get rid of them as much as possible … We’re trying to build the VPN connection into what they’re trying to connect to…. Our goal is to get them to have one step to get where they need to go… There’s no getting rid of SSL VPNs if ASU wants to maintain secure remote access. But WAN pros at the university are engineering the back-end to give users the illusion of a single authentication process for both the VPN tunnel and XenApp servers …”

“… The university is phasing out its Cisco SSL VPNs and relying on Citrix Access Gateway SSL VPNs for secure remote access, so that students can simultaneously authenticate on the VPN and access XenApp from a single Web portal … It’s going to be using Citrix Receiver and tying it to authenticate everything at once … is going to be key to both the [local] and the remote students so that both have access to the same resources, no matter where they are -- and securely.”

“… hope to improve secure remote access by conducting more “client interrogation” using some of the network access control (NAC) features in Access Gateway to ensure that any devices connecting to the network are clean and protected.”

Sai Allavarpu

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