I am pleased to announce the new FREE XenDesktop monthly technical newsletter for all XenDesktop customers. The newsletter is comprised of the best technical resources from across Citrix Services: Consulting, Technical Support, Education, and Technical Readiness. The newsletter is designed to help customers run their XenDesktop optimally and get more out of their investment in Citrix desktop virtualization.

Topics include:
• Feature articles – sharing field-based advice and practical solutions associated with common design, implementation, and rollout challenges
• Hotfixes & Tools – list of recently released hotfixes and support tools for XenDesktop
• Hot Topics – top Knowledgebase articles, blog posts, and videos on XenDesktop
• Ask the Architect – insights from Dan Feller and the Consulting team on XenDesktop best practices and technical solutionsTraining & Events – upcoming XenDesktop webinars and training
• Training & Events – upcoming XenDesktop webinars and training

Go ahead and sign-up for the XenDesktop Experience. It’s the one resource you need to know for technical content.

The first issue of XenDesktop Experience will be sent on Wednesday, December 15, 2010.

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