One of the new features that we added in version 2.0 of Citrix Receiver for Android is the ability to save passwords for stores created in Receiver.  Saving your password means that you will no longer be prompted for it when you start an application or log into your XenApp or XenDesktop farm via Citrix Access Gateway. 

This article shows how to add a password to stores that were already present in earlier versions of Receiver and which received an over the air upgrade to version 2.0.  Earlier versions of Receiver did not save password.  This means that users who would like to save a password for their existing stores will need to be edited to save the password for those stores. 

Note that saving passwords is entirely optional.  You can continue to use your existing stores without saving a password for them.  No action is required if you do not want Receiver to save passwords for your existing stores.

To edit your account details you need to bring up the “Stores” screen which shows the list of stores currently on the device.  How this is done depends on whether your device is a phone or a tablet.   

For phone users if you start Receiver and are shown a list of applications rather than stores then press the back button to be taken back to the list of stores. At that point you’ll see the list of stores:

Tablet users can access the list of stores by tapping on the store name in the bar at the top of the screen:

To edit the store details tap and hold on the store in the store list and select “Edit store” from the menu that is shown.  This will take you into the edit store screen.  At this point you will see that the password field is empty since no password has yet been saved.

Enter your password and tap “Update”.  At this point your password for the store has been saved.

Saving passwords for newly created accounts

For accounts that are newly created using version 2.0 of Citrix Receiver for Android the password can be entered as part of the store creation page.  Note again that entering the password is entirely optional, you can leave the password field blank and continue to be prompted for the password each time

Administrator control of password saving

Your administrator can define whether or not your mobile device is allowed to save the password to your store.  If the administrator sets the policy such that passwords are not to be saved then from the next time you open the you will need to always enter your password.

You may also notice that when you edit your store details the password field is disabled and the hint text displays “Saving disabled”.  If this is the case then Receiver has already determined that the policy for that store is not to save passwords.  If this is the case you will not be able to save your password onto the device and you will need to continue to enter your password.