and the ADC State of the Art

Load Balancing in its infancy emerged to improve the availability and reliability of websites and to offload SSL computation from the web servers. Innovation has advanced these machines to provide an assortment of benefits in addition to Load Balancing, and are thus classed into Application Delivery Controllers. The Citrix Load Balancer has advanced the state of the art by combining the benefits of basic Application Acceleration through the use of TCP Multiplexing, SSL Offload, Caching, Compression, Content Switching. The Load Balancer evolved to provide these benefits for Enterprise Applications in addition to websites, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Sharepoint and OCS (Lync).

The Citrix ADC was the first to advance the state of the art in the virtualization realm, by coming to market with the first virtual appliance for load balancing, the NetScaler VPX. While the innovation of this continues to develop, the Virtual ADC (vADC) has broken down barriers to entry into sales engagements and partner relationships, thus increasing the overall bottom line.

The Virtual ADC incorporates rule-based extensibility through the use of NetScaler Expressions, and simplifies the rule-based language through the use of AppExpert Templates – prebuilt configurations and rules for all types of Enterprise Applications and Websites. Just import the AppExpert Template, and the application will be automatically accelerated. Applicaiton acceleration can achieve between 5% – 90% improvement depending on the measurement. When you spend money on bandwidth and users depend on low latency – this translates directly to the bottom line.

The NetScaler division at Citrix Systems has been successful at maintaining a rigid stance in the Load Balancing, Application Delivery Controller market, and continues to invest in the product by advancing the state of the art through innovation. State of the Art is integration of the Application Firewall, XML Firewall, AppExpert Templates, SOA and the Virtual ADC.

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