The Citrix Ready Community Verified Site enables partners and a large community of technology professionals to find, add and verify third party products compatible with Citrix products. The Citrix Ready community verified site, like the Citrix Ready catalog is a repository to share knowledge about third party products and allows customers and users to quickly and easily find partner products and solutions that are trusted to enhance Citrix offerings.

With over 17000+ verifications and 4000+ products added, the Citrix Ready Community Verified Site is a great place to discover, verify and share Citrix compatibility information. The Community Verified site serves as a platform in which third party products are added and verified by community members, who can then help each other by posting and voting on third party products known to work in a Citrix environment. A vote is an association between a third party product and a combination of Citrix product, version, and platform. The more votes a third party product has, the more community members have verified that it works in that environment.

In this video, you will see a step by step guide on how to add products on the Citrix Ready Community Verified site.

Start by entering the product name on the ‘Find or Submit Third Party products‘ section of the page. If you find the product you will not have to add it again but if you do not, click on ‘Can’t find? Sign in and submit a new product‘. Once logged in, you will then be directed to a form that will allow you to add a product. Once you submit the details, you will be taken to a page, where you can view your product. Here you may add more compatibility information, create a product note and delete the page if needed. You can also view other products and add compatibility information there, by going to the ‘Add it now‘ link at the bottom of the table. Cast your vote for products you know to work in the specified Citrix environment.

Have you used the Community Verified site to add and share product compatible with Citrix? Leave your comments here, and visit this blog for more on the Citrix Ready Community verified site, in the weeks to come.

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