If you’re interested in learning about how the various VDI remoting protocols work and how they compare, an excellent presentation on this topic was given by virtualization expert Dr. Bernhard (Benny) Tritsch at the recent Microsoft Tech Ed 2010 conference in Berlin. Benny’s slide deck and a video of his presentation are posted on the Tech Ed site. Benny and his colleague Shawn Bass have done extensive testing of numerous remoting protocols now on the market or available for beta trial, comparing their performance both on LAN and WAN connections. The latter is especially important as more and more organizations move their data centers away from their corporate headquarters, making even HQ a “branch office” from the perspective of user connectivity. The following slide summarizes Benny and Shawn’s findings: 

With Citrix HDX technologies, customers have a choice between ICA (default) and RDP, and we have announced plans to support RemoteFX shortly after it becomes generally available. These options give our customers the assurance that no matter what sort of graphics or multimedia content their users need to access, Citrix will continue to deliver the best user experience both on the LAN and on the WAN. And with HDX Nitro technologies, it just keeps getting better.

Derek Thorslund
Citrix Product Strategist, HDX