Citrix Support is focused on ensuring Customer and Partner satisfaction with the support of our products. One of our initiatives is to increase the ability of our Partners and Customers to leverage self-service avenues for finding answers and resolving problems. A key area that the Support teams focus on is development of troubleshooting and health checking tools.

Following on from my last post about the Citrix Quick Launch 2.1 Tool another recently released tool from Citrix Support is the Citrix Xnapshot Tool.

Citrix Xnapshot is a profiling and monitoring utility focused on the Citrix XenDesktop Environment. It collects a wealth of information about the underlying system and its configuration, such as BIOS information, Registry information, Device Drivers, Windows Services, Installed Hotfixes, Citrix Binaries, and Citrix XenDesktop Farm information. The data collected is organized in such a way to make it easy for various Xnapshot collections to be compared against each other to quickly highlight any changes in the environment. The Xnapshot application itself provides the facility for viewing and comparing these reports.

In addition to data collection, Xnapshot includes a health monitoring component called XMLMon. XMLMon monitors the Citrix XenDesktop XML Brokers and can send an email alert if a problem is detected. In addition to sending an email alert, XMLMon can be configured to capture user-dumps of the core Citrix services.

You can download the Citrix Xnapshot Tool here.

Also find below a video by one of the tools developers Kapildev Ramlal (Kappa), providing an overview and demo of the Citrix Xnapshot Tool.

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