Too many VMs on local disks? Move to thin provisioning:

In Cowley (XenServer 5.6 FP1) this is very easy:

earlier in XenServer 5.6 you’d have to work along these commands:

xe vbd-list
uuid ( RO)             :
vm-uuid ( RO): xxx
vm-name-label ( RO): XenServer Transfer VM 5.6.0-31124p
xetemplate-uninstall template-uuid=xxx 
xe sr-list name-label=”Local storage„ uuid ( RO)                : yyy 
xe pbd-list sr-uuid= uuid( RO)                  : zzz 
xe pbd-unplug uuid=zzz 
xe sr-destroy uuid=yyy
xe sr-createcontent-type=user type=ext device-config:device=/dev/sda3 shared=false name-label=”Local storage”