How to search for verified partner products on the Citrix Ready product catalog

The search for Citrix Ready verified products can be done by entering the search term in the search box on the Home Page. This blog will explain how you can customize your search results by Citrix Product, content type – whether you wish to view a partner profile page or a product page and even by language. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds for your search selections. These features will demonstrate the ease of search for verified products and solutions on the brand new Citrix Ready partner product catalog version 2.0.

Check out this video to understand how you can search for verified products and use the search filters to customize your results: Citrix TV – #3126

From the Home Page, verified partner products and solutions can be found by entering the search term in the search box. From the examples under the search box you can see that you will be able to enter any product by name, category or the Citrix Product it is verified for. When you click on “Find” you will be able to view all of the products labeled with your search term. You can the filter your selection using the options on the left side section of the page. Choose from Citrix Product (XenDesktop, XenApp, XenServer, NetScaler, etc) it is verified for, to the content type you wish to view – Partner profile page or the product page and even select the language (English, Chinese, Japanese) you want to view pages in. You can also subscribe for the RSS feed for your selection.

This concludes the demo videos for the Citrix Ready catalog 2.0. Catch more blogs series to come. And be sure to catch the 2-minute videos with each of these blogs in my series!

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