Software as a Service (SaaS) has traditionally been single application delivery in a hosted (service provider) business model.  At the extreme end of the SaaS spectrum a family of applications are written and delivered that pertain to a specific function or market vertical.  Two examples of this are (Sales enablement) and Citrix GotoMeeting (Collaboration and Support enablement) products.

With the emergence of Client Side Virtualization in the Large Enterprise Virtual IT space, a new way to host and deliver multiple applications is now available.  But just gluing a few applications together does not make a Desktop.  Nor does hosting a Desktop offer up the value proposition of SaaS today.  What the end user (subscriber in the hosting world) sees value in is the application.  After all, desktops without applications are like a speed  boat without gas… it looks pretty but doesn’t do much.

DaaS then, as it relates to hosting service providers is a combination of a “desktop” environment which includes the applications and associated data produced.  To be competitive and to drive higher value, a service provider must be very selective in the total number of applications to deliver in this DaaS model and the level of support for each application and the associated data.  The service provider must also take into account the desire of the end subscriber to maintain some level of control of the data as well.  This means setting up a datacenter which is capable of sharing and/or isolating the data.

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