Are you experienced in Access Gateway? If so, check out the following training course, which covers new features and updates in Access Gateway 5.0.

CAG-100-1W Citrix Access Gateway 5.0 Technical Update – FREE

Audience: Existing Citrix Access Gateway customers and partners who need to understand the new Access Gateway 5.0 interface and features to be able to support the product.

Type/Length: Self-paced online, 1.5 hours

Key Skills:
Learn about new features and updates available with Citrix Access Gateway 5.0.  You will learn the differences between Access Gateway 4.x Standard and Advanced Edition, and Access Gateway 5.0, as well as licensing options available with Access Gateway 5.0. Features covered include: Deploying Access Gateway on VPX, Authentication Profiles and SmartAccess Logon Points, SmartGroups, Device Profiles, Appliance Failover, Snapshots, Controller Mode, Enhanced Availability.

Are you a partner?
If you’re interested in updating your Access Gateway knowledge to the latest product version, you will find this course very beneficial.

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