How to find verified partner products by Citrix product category

Customers and users looking to find Citrix Ready verified products can search the Citrix Ready partner product catalog version 2.0 by “product type” or “product category”. In earlier blogs, I’ve highlighted the ease of navigation from the Home Page and faceted filters and shown how simple it is now for customers to search and find verified products which have been tested for capability with Citrix products.

Check out this video to understand how easily verified products can be found by Citrix product categories:Citrix TV – #3099

From the Home Page, verified partner products and solutions can be found by product category. The categories include Applications, Servers, Security, Thin clients and many more. Clicking on any one of these categories will take you to the catalog product listings page, and show you all of the products in that category verified for Citrix products. You can the search for products in the selected category by Citrix product (XenDesktop, XenApp, XenServer, NetScaler, etc), product feature, language, and other sub categories specific to that product type (for example Operating System, HDX Ready, Zero Clients under Thin Client product category) to filter down your search based on the product type you are looking for.

In the blogs that follow I will talk about;

  • How do I use the search function on the catalog?
  • RSS feeds for all filter selections
  • How do I edit my profile/ product page?
    And much more…

And be sure to catch the 2-minute videos with each of these blogs in my series! So let’s get “Citrix Ready“!

Write to or to for any questions or suggestions for what you would like to know more about, and hit our Twitter page for all our new partner and product verifications.