The Citrix Ready User Profile Management Challenge gave Citrix Ready partners the opportunity to showcase one of the key aspects of desktop virtualization, user profile management – making it easier for our customers to pick the best management solutions to use with Citrix XenDesktop. Citrix Ready invited our profile management vendor partners to demonstrate to the market what makes their solutions unique have the community weigh-in with their vote.

The participating Citrix Ready partners created a short video that highlighted some of the compelling advantages for their product line. The videos demonstrated ease of deployment of user profile management solutions with Citrix XenDesktop showcased the solutions performance and scalability features and proved that these solutions deliver a great user experience as well. The videos were innovative and watched by thousands who voted for their favorites. The Citrix Ready User Profile Management Challenge drew to an end when voting closed on 29th October.

Participation from partners and the entire voting community was great.

Awards for excellence were recognized in 4 categories! The winners were decided by an expert panel voting for the first 3 categories while category 4 was based on a user community vote

I am happy to announce the winners of the Citrix Ready User Profile Management Challenge!

Category 1: Extreme User Personalization Winner: AppSense

The user experience is the most critical factor for a successful implementation a profile management solution because if a user does not feel that she is using her own personal desktop, the solution has failed to meet its objective.

Comments from the judges --AppSense video talks about how they can inject settings to/from various app virtual solutions and User ability to migrate/roam between devices with no noticeable difference

Category 2: Best User Experience Winner : triCerat

The ability to personalize the desktop is a great way to gain user acceptance of desktop virtualization. However, user personalization cannot come at the expense of IT control and security

Comments from Judges --triCerat video shows ability for users to personalize their desktops but still letting IT control over the personalized desktop.

Category 3: Robust Deployment and Management features Winner: RESSoftware

Desktop Virtualization is a key industry initiative, with tremendous customer interest. Show your potential customers how easy it is to deploy your profile management solution with XenDesktop.

Comments from judges – RESSoftware video talks about ease of configuration and robust enterprise reporting on the virtual desktop environment.

Category 4: Most innovative video and Citrix community award Winner: AppSense

The winner of this category was selected by the user community for best humor and creative use of video. Check out the videos for yourself if you have not seen them yet.

Congratulations to the winners!