Last November I blogged about one of the most popular tools to come out of Technical Support – Citrix Quick Launch Tool. Yesterday we released an updated verion of the tool based on feedback received from our customers. You can find the 2.1 version here.

So whats new in this release?

Version 2.1 introduces tabs in the user interface to offer more settings to configure. It includes the following features, in addition to the settings already available with the older release:

  • SpeedScreen Latency configuration (ZLMouse, MouseTimer, and so on)
  • Possibility to launch pubapp on the specified server (instead of the default which uses load balancing)
  • Client drive and printer mapping
  • Added support for Percentage of Screen
  • Added passthrough authentication: subject to limitation see Troubleshooting Citrix Pass-through Authentication (Single Sign-On) and How to Configure Single Sign-on for Web Interface Using Version 10.x of the Presentation Server Client
  • Added audio quality setting
  • Delete the temporary ICA file used for the connection (enabled by default)
  • Added proxy usage based on Internet Explorer settings.

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