Welcome! Today we launch the new and improved Citrix Developer Network (CDN) Portal focused on the enablement of Citrix Service Providers. Many of you have been exposed to a great deal of hype regarding Cloud Computing and Hosted Service Providers. Well the hype is now a reality. Beyond the marketing speak there is a tremendous amount of technological traction in the Cloud space from here in the engineering team.

The CSP model is all about operational efficiencies. Companies choose hosting providers to make their businesses more agile, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Likewise, on the service provider front, successes will be defined by who can offer the best user experience at a guaranteed SLA, while developing the cheapest model of delivery through operational efficiencies. As noted by my colleagues, XenApp is uniquely positioned to provide tremendous value into both of these areas to make delivering Apps (SaaS) and Desktops (DaaS) through the hosting ecosystem a robust business solution.

Here in Product Development, we are focused on providing the tools and expertise to help make your environments awesome. We are actively working on numerous features, toolkits, and how-to guides to give you a competitive advantage in attracting new customers. Many of the lessons learnt in developing our own internal private cloud (SkyNet) capable of hosting 1000s of VMs will be shared. We will be exposing our scripts and cmdlets that we use for orchestrating workflows across the Citrix product line. Capacity planning, maximizing Look ‘n Feel, tracking SLAs, you got it!

We need your help! This Citrix Service Provider focused CDN site is an interactive forum. Consider this as a direct link into the engineering organization responsible for hosted-shared desktops and application delivery (we promise to keep marketing speak to a minimum). We are very interested in the community’s feedback to our reference architectures and source code posts. Most of the code samples we post provide sneak peeks into forthcoming deliverables for the CSP Toolkit. More importantly we want to know what you want more of. Most importantly, this is a forum for you to share your scripts and samples that can be used to further enhance XenApp‘s value to our vast network of hosting providers.

We look forward to a lot of fun and innovation.

See you in the Cloud,
Mike East
Director, XenApp Product Development