There are a lot of products in the desktop virtualization space that claim to be simple and easy to use. Unfortunately, “simple” and “easy” too often means “limited” and “narrow use case.” Like many of us trying to figure out which digital camera to buy, we don’t want something more complex than we need with a bunch of features we’ll never use – but we also don’t want to miss out on something that we’ll wish we had down the road.

XenDesktop 5, the latest version of the industry leading desktop virtualization platform, contains a new feature called Quick Deploy, part of the Desktop Studio administration console, that enables an admin to install a virtual desktop infrastructure in just a few clicks and then deploy large scale virtual desktops in just seconds. So, if you are just getting your feet wet with desktop virtualization and want to stand up a proof of concept in a hurry, it really couldn’t get much easier. The video below shows just how quick and easy it can be to install XenDesktop and deploy 600 desktops from a common image, all without sysprep or complex image configuration. But, don’t be fooled by the simplicity. The new Desktop Studio admin console can also guide you through lots of other powerful deployment options to make the environment grow for virtually any use case.

So back to the analogy, XenDesktop can be as easy as a point and shoot pocket camera, while at the same time packing in flexibility that would redefine the professional grade digital SLR.

To learn more about how XenDesktop 5 works under the covers, check out the recording of the October 2010 Synergy session SYN303- What’s New in XenDesktop?€

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