I got some calls from partners having problems getting Microsoft Windows Small Business Server to work with XenServer. I took this to write my next blog entry and showing you how to get SBS 2008 flying on XenServer.

  1. First of all: Download Windows SBS 2008 . I used SBS 2008 x64 bit with SP2 included.
  2. Create a new virtual machine using the Windows 2008 64-bit template, run through the wizard and do a normal install of SBS.
  3. After a successfull installation the virtual machine is doing a reboot but not is able to start successful. It is hanging when windows will apply the computer settings.
  4. Stop the virtual machine, start it again and press “F8” at the beginning of the SBS boot. Select the “Safe Mode” option to boot SBS into safe mode.
  5. When SBS is up logon as an administrator you defined during the SBS installation.
  6. Now start regedit to modify some registry entries described in microsofts knowledge base article KB-2004121. Therefore navigate to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HTTP and create the following Multi-string value: DependOnService. Double click the new DependOnService entry and type CRYPTSVC in the Value Data field and click OK.
  7. Now reboot the virtual machine. It now should start up without any issues.
  8. Finally log on again th the SBS server, install the XenServer tools and do a last reboot.

That’s it! I tested this on my XenServer 5.6 installation and it worked fkine for me.

Have fun…