Citrix Support is focused on ensuring Customer and Partner satisfaction with our products. We are working on multiple items to help make it easier to find answers and solve problems via self-service avenues, all of which are available to all our Partners and Customers to leverage.

Last November we launched the How To video initiative and to date have over 200 videos covering 14 products available on Citrix TV.

Following the announcement of the release of Access Gateway 5.0 yesterday, I am pleased to say that we already have a series of How To videos available on Citrix TV. Below is selection of these videos, all videos can be found by browsing to the Access Gateway 5.0 video series.

How To: Overview of Authentication Profiles in Access Gateway 5.0

How To: Overview of new EPA Client in Access Gateway 5.0

How To: Install and Configure Access Gateway 5.0

How To: Configure Appliance Failover in Access Gateway 5.0

How To: Manage your Certificates in Access Gateway 5.0

How To: Install an Access Gateway License

How To: Configure Access Gateway 5.0 to Replace Secure Gateway

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