We’re pleased to announce the availability of Access Gateway 5.0. After a significant development effort, the improvements in the product are hard to miss. As a replacement for Access Gateway Standard and Advanced Editions, this release introduces a brand new architecture to improve performance and stability, a new Flash-based management console to simplify administration, and new capabilities such as:

  • Basic high availability for Access Gateway Model 2010 and VPX appliances - Two appliances can be deployed as failover pairs in active / passive configurations. This capability was previously available only with MPX appliances but has been extended to all appliances to encourage migration from Secure Gateway.
  • Support for VMware ESX and ESXi - Access Gateway VPX virtual appliances can now be run on VMware hypervisors.
  • Easy migration - Anyone running Access Gateway Standard Edition 4.6 or Advanced Edition 4.5 HF5 can easily migrate policies and configurations to Access Gateway 5.0.

For more details, have a look at Jay Tomlin’s demo at http://www.citrix.com/tv/#videos/2875 and stay tuned for more posts covering this release.