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The Citrix Branch Repeater plays a critical role in optimizing an existing WAN connection and improving the overall virtual desktop user experience in the branch office. The following key findings from a recent report emphasize the strategic cost savings and performance improvement a Branch Repeater solution can provide for any branch office XenDesktop deployment.

  • Citrix Branch Repeater can reduce the overall average bandwidth consumed per session by up to 89%.
  • Citrix Branch Repeater can reduce the amount of time it takes for a XenDesktop session to launch on a congested WAN connection by up to 40%.
  • Citrix Branch Repeater can double the number of users able to execute similar virtual desktop activities on the same congested WAN connection.
  • Citrix Branch Repeater can reduce the amount of time it takes for the print request to spool from the virtual desktop to the branch office print server by up to 60%.

Optimized Video Delivery

Citrix Branch Repeater is a branch optimization solution that accelerates and simplifies branch infrastructure. Branch Repeater solutions reduce IT costs and increase user productivity by simplifying branch startup and management, and providing users the best access experience. The Branch Repeater products achieve WAN optimization by combining a variety of technologies:

  • TCP Optimization: Branch Repeater is a symmetric solution, where a Branch Repeater is located at each end of the WAN connection (in the datacenter and in the branch office) recognize each other’s presence and employ RFC compliant TCP optimization techniques that ensure optimal utilization of the network bandwidth.
  • Traffic Prioritization (QoS): Administrators can classify network bandwidth based on TCP port numbers and IP ranges to prioritize the delivery of TCP segments based on the classification. Furthermore, Branch Repeater recognizes the priorities of the various ICA virtual channels and can ensure preferential treatment of real-time critical data such as audio.
  • Compression: Branch Repeater can detect repeating patterns in the transmitted data and utilize very small tokens across the WAN to identify such repeating data patterns and serve the data to the user out of the appliance memory; therefore, restricting the amount of data required to traverse the WAN and improving user experience.
  • Protocol Optimization: Branch Repeater can optimize a variety of common application protocols. Citrix XenDesktop leverages the ICA protocol, which employs a variety of optimization and security features natively. In order to apply compression, a WAN optimizer must be able to decrypt the ICA workload, identify repeating patterns within the ICA virtual channels, apply the optimization, and re-encrypt the data stream. This is why Citrix Branch Repeater is the only WAN optimization product capable of directly optimizing the ICA payloads on the protocol level.

Citrix High Definition (HDX)

Citrix is committed to providing the best high definition user experience through the introduction of HDX technology. Citrix HDX technology builds on existing Citrix user experience innovations from the datacenter to the device, adding enhancements for multimedia, voice, video and 3D graphics. Citrix HDX is comprised the following categories:

  • HDX Broadcast – Ensures high-performance of virtual desktops and applications over any network, including high-latency and low-bandwidth environments.
  • HDX WAN Optimization – Optimizes performance by utilizing Citix Branch Repeater to cache bandwidth intensive data and graphics and deliver them from the most efficient location.
  • HDX MediaStream – Accelerates multimedia performance through compression or, when possible, redirection and client-side rendering.
  • HDX RealTime – Enhances real-time voice and video using advanced encoding and streaming to ensure a no compromise end-user experience.
  • HDX 3D – Optimizes the performance of everything from graphics-intensive 2D environments to advanced 3D geospatial applications using software and hardware based rendering in the datacenter and on the device.
  • HDX Plug-n-Play – Enables simple connectivity for all local devices in a virtualized environment, including USB, multi-monitor, printers and peripherals.

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