Recently I was trying to Profile and Stream Google Chrome using Application streaming. There were 2 issues with that:

1. By default Google Chrome download is a online download (not standalone)
2. Google Chrome gets installed in User appdata (per user), which will be ignored by Streaming Profiler and nothing gets captured as part of Profiler content. This can be the case with installers that do per user installation. And as we all know Streaming doesn’t support per user installations.

For issue 1:

I downloaded a standalone installer ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe which doesn’t take the command line, so I can’t solve the second issue with this standalone installer.

So downloaded chrome_installer.exe from 517.41 signifying the patch and build number, which is a complete installer and takes command line.

For Issue 2:

Install the Chrome_installer.exe with “–system-level” as installer command line inside profiler, with this flag, chrome gets installed for everyone inside Program files folder. Which works fine on client without and workarounds.


So for any “per user” installers figure out the command line or flag that will make it to install for “All Users” or “Everyone” and inside non %userprofile% location, then stream it