The Citrix Ready team announced the launch of the brand new partner product catalog version 2.0 earlier this week. Check it out @ The idea was to pull out all the stops, using only the current best practices in the industry, to give customers what we think is a really great way to showcase our growing ecosystem of partner products verified for Citrix. The new catalog is the outcome of a collaborative effort with feedback from Citrix partners and working closely with UI designers and information architects to design a catalog that is packed with great new features and capabilities. Land on our homepage to experience the NEW catalog version!

Here is a quick 2-minute video –

With its faceted classification system, allowing the assignment of multiple product categories and features, the new catalog is now equipped with optimized filtering for customer’s to filter through a large list of products. The catalog’s search capabilities have also been enhanced. The highly scalable and faster loading product listing and pages, RSS feeds for all product filter selections and additional functionalities on the 24/7 back-end partner ‘Admin‘ system make for some very exciting new features.

This blog is an introduction to a blog series, where I will try and cover all of the most relevant subjects pertaining to the functionality and features for this new catalog. In the weeks to come, I will highlight topics including:

  • How do I find verified products by Citrix products?
  • How can I find products in any category?
  • How do I use the search?
  • RSS feeds for all filter selections
  • How do I edit my profile/ product page?
  • And much more…

And be sure to catch the 2-minute videos with each of these blogs in my series! So let’s get “Citrix Ready“!

Write to or to for any questions or suggestions for what you would like to know more about, and hit our Twitter page for all our new partner and product verifications.