One of the downsides of working in the fast-paced world of technology is that once you’ve accomplished the impossible, you move on. There’s little time to bask in the glory of your success, and there are few who really understand what you faced and the genius you demonstrated in making it all work.

Well, it’s payback time. At Citrix Synergy in San Francisco May 25-27, 2011, we’re giving a soapbox to those of you who have accomplished the incredible in technology. In other words… Citrix Synergy Call for Topics is now open through Dec. 3rd! If you’ve got a great tech story — about any virtualization, networking or desktop delivery solution, Citrix or otherwise — that demonstrates innovation, simplicity and customer success, Synergy wants to hear from you.

Apply today to be a speaker at Citrix Synergy. We’ve got the mic, the stage and a great big audience. All we need is you.

Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.
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