Through this year, we announced Citrix OpenCloud Solutions, then the OpenCloud Platform, and most recently, OpenCloud Access and OpenCloud Bridge. Our approach to building cloud infrastructure and enabling service providers to offer enterprises differentiated solutions that incorporate the providers’ expertise and best practices have struck a chord for many providers.

We’ve mainly discussed the experiences and solutions offered by US-based companies like RackSpace, Terremark, Carpathia, and SoftLayer. While they do business worldwide – not only does nobody know you’re a dog on the Internet, they don’t know much about where your kennel is either – the first line have been companies close to home for us.

But I’d like to share with you a recent announcement from south of the Equator, from Brazil’s Locaweb.

A couple of years ago, Locaweb released a flexible hosting infrastructure called Cloud Server, based on VMware. Like most good companies, they’ve learned from their experiences, and when they decided late last year to design and implement the second generation of their cloud infrastructure, they assessed technologies based on a set of criteria that were important to the growth of their business and the provision of high quality cloud services, including security, performance, flexibility, and (of course) cost.

The decision they made? Build an OpenCloud powered infrastructure, starting with XenServer.

Locaweb selected XenServer partly because of the open-source nature of the Xen hypervisor, and everything that brings: lower costs of development (which get passed along), rapid technology adoption, flexibility and extensibility, and the security that can only occur when thousands and thousands of eyes can examine operations-critical code.

The fact that three-quarters or more of the web is currently virtualized by Xen didn’t hurt, for that matter, nor did the experience of other cloud and hosting providers who are switching their infrastructures from a self-maintained open-source Xen platform to the commercial support and testing of XenServer.

The promise of the full capabilities of the OpenCloud platform also informed their decision, as they say they have adopted not just XenServer but the OpenCloud approach.

Locaweb GETS IT. They understand that the cloud levels the IT playing field for companies of all sizes, and that they can be an asset to smart IT organizations – as well as to the business users at those unfortunate organizations where IT views its role as being a bottleneck.

And to deliver on that promise, they’ve chosen XenServer and Citrix OpenCloud.

It may be the cloud, but it’s a clear choice.

(More info here.)