Let’s face it: user profiles are not known to be the favorite subject of administrators and architects. But, they’re necessary for a successful XenApp and/or XenDesktop implementation.

When it comes to user profiles, what is administratively easy can cause a mutiny by unhappy users. Not addressing user profiles means that a default profile to be used. In most cases, that’s undesirable and leads to the “Why isn’t my left mouse setting or background color or _____ retained?” type of complaints. Worst yet, some administrators and architects find it easiest just to implement a new user profile when availing a new XenApp or XenDesktop environment. Technically, it’s easier, but I hope you can dodge your new enemies even faster than an elusive pirate.

A far better option is to incorporate user profile-related decisions into your XenApp and XenDesktop design projects. Think through your requirements, such as the type of settings and data that need to perpetuate, the platforms, user preferences and needs, as well as the various options. Gone are the days when your only decision was whether to use a mandatory or roaming user profile. In addition to Citrix Profile management, third-party solutions from Citrix Ready partners such as AppSense, RES Software, triCerat, and LiquidWare provide viable options.

And what is happening in the industry? Certainly, there’s more awareness now about the importance of the user profile. Three industry experts, Steve Greenberg, Shawn Bass, and yours truly, Jo Harder, will talk about user profile trends and pitfalls and much more in a User Profiles Roundtable discussion tomorrow.

We’ll also be giving away an iPad to one lucky registered attendee. Each of the hosts will pick a single digit during the session that will be assembled into three-digit ascending order. The attendee that matches that number in registration order and attends live will win an iPad. If that attendee doesn’t attend live, the next live attendee in subsequent registration order will win the iPad. Citrix employees not eligible.

So join us on Thursday at 1:00 PM Eastern. One hour with us just may save you from mutiny!

Jo Harder