Over 15,000 Citrix Ready products for desktop virtualization

The objective of Citrix Ready partners is to provide customers with choice and flexibility of using their own products with Citrix products. There are over 15,000 Citrix Ready products for Citrix’s desktop virtualization – both for virtual apps and desktops. Some of the partners go above and beyond in their efforts to support their products with Citrix’s solution and provide truly integrated solutions that customers can adopt and enhance the value of Citrix virtual desktops and apps. Which is why we run Citrix Ready Challenge, to highlight these successful products, where the winners can be picked by you – the customers.

The next Citrix Ready Challenge – Personalization and User Profiles

The next Citrix Ready challenge is going to be all about personalization and user profiles. Customers are looking for implementing virtual desktops with lowest possible costs – using the pooled virtual desktops capability of XenDesktop. As a result, the personalization and user profiles technology becomes a key function of their design and implementation.

Citrix user Profile management capability in XenDesktop provides an easy, reliable, and high-performance way to manage user personalization settings in virtualized or physical Windows environments. It requires minimal infrastructure and administration, and provides users with fast logons and logoffs.

However, customers sometimes look at our partner’s products that go above and beyond what XenDesktop offers out of the box. Customers are looking for a technology that ensures that the user’s personal settings are applied to the user’s virtual desktop and applications, regardless of the location and end point device. The goal of this challenge is to let all the partners who offer these technologies showcase them so that it makes it easier for our customers to pick the right solution that fits their needs.

A few weeks ago, we invited our profile management partners to demonstrate to the market what makes their solution unique. We asked them to prepare a short video that showcases their product capabilities and its integration with profile management. Our challenge participants are: AppSense, Liquidware Labs, tricerat and RES.

You be the judge

While this challenge is about products, technology and integrations, we also gave our participants the opportunity to demonstrate their sense of humor. The winners will be decided based on four categories by our team of judges:

1. The Best User Experience
2. Extreme User Personalization
3. Robust Deployment and Management Features
4. Most innovative video and Citrix community award (voted by you!)

One of the most important categories is “Most innovative video and Citrix community award”. The winner of this category is chosen by you the community!

The winners will be announced in October. Here are their videos so you can see for yourself the creative ways our partners found to promote their products.

Vote now.

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