I often use VirtualBox to build Windows VM on my laptop for my own testing and it has a “Shared Folder” feature that is very useful for sharing files among my Win7 and W2K8 VMs. However the docs for VirtualBox is not exactly very specific on how to actually make it work, so here is some tips.

First of all, make sure that you have installed the Guest Additions on your Windows VM. I believe you need it in order for Shared Folder to work. Next, in your VM windows, select Devices > Shared Folder and add a new folder from your host OS. To access this folder in your Windows VM, you just have to open file explorer and access “\\vboxsvr”. You should be able to see the shared folder listed.

So far I am using this on Mac and Ubuntu as host OS. I think it doesn’t matter what is your VM’s network, but I have tried it on VMs using NAT or internal network. Hope this blog helps some of you guys out there that is struggling to make VBox’s Shared Folder work.