GoToMyPC is running a promotion for new customers. Companies signing up now can pay $9.95 or less per month per user for unlimited access to their desktop computers from any internet connection. (This is a limited-time offer.)

GoToMyPC is a great compliment to Citrix XenApp or a VPN in supporting workplace mobility and enabling employees to work from home or while traveling. It increase productivity and job satisfaction and allows employees to keep working even if they can’t get to the office due to illness or other disruption.

GoToMyPC gives employees access to files AND programs on their computers (Mac and PC), so they can retrieve and edit any doc from any computer, at any time. It’s easy to install and intuitive to use, completely secure, complies with HIPAA & GLBA and has great performance. 24/7 technical support and maintenance is included, so there is no added burden on your IT staff.

Today’s workers expect a greater degree of mobility and work flexibility than ever before, including the ability to easily pick up work back at the office from home. Employees love the work flexibility they get with GoToMyPC and companies generate many times the ROI they invest in it since employees with anywhere access can get more done, more quickly.Contact GoToMyPC to learn more.