The new policy model in XenApp 6 allow for configuration via Group Policy and/or IMA – i.e., Citrix policies can be stored as a Domain GPO, or inside IMA.

Regardless of the source, XenApp policies refresh following the GPO refresh cycle. Therefore, even if you change policies in Delivery Services Console – which is stored in IMA – policies won’t take effect immediately.

Citrix policies will refresh after the following events:

  • Computer policies refresh at boot time
  • Session policies refresh at Logon
  • Both computer and session refresh every 90min + (0..30min) random interval – configurable by GPO.
  • Session policies refresh at session reconnect (only Citrix settings)
  • Computer and session policies refresh if admin execute “gpupdate”

Update events will read policies from replicated stores (AD and Local Host Cache). There is some latency in updating policies to these locations after a change:

So, if you’ve made some computer policy change, and you are not seeing it applied to a particular computer, it may be in its way. Running gpupdate usually does the trick. RSoP Results will tell you exactly which policy documents and which settings were seen at the last refresh.

Why do we wait for GPO refresh to update changes done in IMA? Remember that policies from GPO and IMA merge, therefore changes in IMA may not be effective if a GPO conflict exists – GPO has precedence over IMA policies. XenApp must look at all policies to ensure correct RSoP calculation.