One of the requests I see often for the Receiver for iPhone and iPad is the ability to hide applications from external users using the iPhone or iPad – since the Citrix Receiver for iOS devices does not support Smart Access Filters at this time, the normal filters restricting access through an AG in the Delivery Services Console won’t apply

We have a KB article which contains a method of customizing the XenApp Services site – CTX123969 to hide applications published with the appropriate leading character in the description.

I’ll be using Web Interface 5.2 in my example.

First you’ll want to have separate XenApp Services sites for your internal users and for your external users if you don’t already have one. I’m using the default PNAgent site for my internal users and I’ve created a XenApp Services site called “mobile” for my connections through Access Gateway Enterprise Edition.

On your external site make the changes referenced in CTX123969

In your Delivery Services Console, modify the applications you wish to have appear only internally and add # as the leading character in the description field – e.g. #Windows 2003 Desktop

If you have more applications that you want hidden than you want displayed you can add the # to the apps you want displayed and change the logic so that it will only display the applications with the # instead of hiding them.

To display the applications published with ‘#’ in the description field instead of hiding them, modify this line:
if (!resources[i].getDescription().StartsWith(“#”)) {

to read:

if (resources[i].getDescription().StartsWith(“#”)) {

This will cause the code to only display the applications with ‘#’ instead of hiding them.

If you have any questions about implementing this modification please let me know in the comments.