Can a service provider really supply DaaS to subscribers from data centers in a single region to multiple geographies? One might think that doing so would create a Service Level Agreement (SLA) nightmare, increase support costs radically and decrease customer satisfaction. One might also think that there is a need for a local presence regardless of the offering to insure day-to-day operations are on track. This is the model for age old Managed Service Providers (MSPs). But a new day is dawning for bundled service offerings utilizing DaaS from Citrix as a platform for applications delivered over the open Internet.

Welcome to the world of Intercept IT. As a UK based Citrix Service Provider, they have developed a programmatic approach to delivering IT Services to their subscribers. Whether the end customer is just interested in hosting a single application or would like to have the entire desktop hosted, Intercept has an offering to meet the need. They have also developed an array of support packages as well. The concept of “pay-as-you-go” is embraced and exploited to its fullest extent. End users merely pick a service package, sign up, sign on and GO. That’s it!

With an integrated front end provisioning control panel, the SMB has options to add, move and change their offering at will. Why is this important? Because many service providers don’t provide this kind of flexibility with their offering. And how is it that Intercept IT can? Citrix FlexCast provides this Citrix Service Provider with Flex-ability. By utilizing varying forms of the FlexCast model, Intercept IT is able to provide a model that meets the needs of all of their customers and at a reasonable price point.

So how is it possible to supply the same service level to local subscribers and those who may be 4,000 Kilometers away? I asked Gary Collins, the CTO of Intercept IT that very question. His answer was very prescriptive. He said, “We first look at the network conditions created by a (distant) remote site and take measurements for critical SLA issues such as latency and jitter. Then we duplicate the environment in our own lab and tune the performance of the service using products such as Branch Repeater from Citrix. When we deploy the production solution, we’ve already ironed out the problems and the system is predictable as a result.” The net result is a system that produces applications and desktops as a service that end customers are elated with.

CSPs are evolving around the world to create a new and exciting offering for the SMB. By utilizing all the technology available from Citrix including HDX, FlexCast and virtual networking products such as NetScaler and Branch Repeater, geographic expansion is also possible utilizing remote datacenters.