or Load Balancing Method

The load balancing algorithm (or load balancing method) defines the criteria that the NetScaler uses to select the server to which to send client requests. When the configured criteria are met for the selected server, the NetScaler then selects a different server. Load balancing granularity refers to the criteria that the NetScaler uses to decide the load balancing method in a given situation. The NetScaler performs request-based, connection-based, or time-based load balancing, depending on the protocol of the service it is load balancing.

Within each type of load balancing, there are various load balancing methods. For example, the least connection method selects the service with the least number of active connections to ensure that the load of the active requests is balanced on the services.

Load Balancing methods available on the Citrix NetScaler:

To set load balancing methods by using the configuration utility:

1. In the navigation pane, expand Load Balancing, and then click Virtual Servers.
2. In the details pane, select the virtual server for which you want to configure an LB method (for example, Vserver-LB-1), and then click Open.
3. In the Configure Virtual Server (Load Balancing) dialog box, click the Method and Persistence tab.
4. From the drop-down menu under LB Method, select a method, (for example, Least Response Time).
5. Click OK.

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