I was first hand looking for a desktop virtualization monitoring solution which could alert me if the infrastructure had any problems. I was looking for a cloud solution where i didn’t have to install a local database server and needed extra hardware. eG innovations VDI Monitor uses 100% web-based architecture, eG VDI Monitor-on-Tap makes performance and configuration monitoring available to you as a service over the Web. You only install eG’s lightweight software agents on key servers in your virtual desktop infrastructures. These agents begin communicating with eG’s cloud-hosted management server and start monitoring your infrastructure.

So how does eG VDI Monitor-on-Tap works (Geek candy )

The eG Enterprise manager is remotely hosted in the cloud. To get started, you can download eG agents from our web site. The eG agent is a light-weight program that runs as a service/daemon on Windows/Unix servers, and consumes very little CPU resources (typically 0.1-0.3% on an average).

The eG VDI Monitor-on-Tap service architecture: The eG agents communicate with the eG manager using HTTP/HTTPS.

The above figure depicts how the agent to manager communication works. The salient features of this architecture are:

Open and secure communication architecture:

100% web-based: All the communication between the agent and the manager is using HTTP/HTTPS – i.e., over port 80/443.

One-way connection initiation only (from the agents): All the communications between the agent and manager are initiated by the agent (i.e., the manager never initiates a connection to the agent). Hence, the agent does not listen on any TCP ports for requests. This minimizes the security risk to the systems on which the agents are deployed.

Firewall-friendly architecture: Since all the communication is web-based, and since the agent initiates all communications to the manager, as long as users within your network can browse the web from the systems on which the eG agents are deployed, the eG agents will be able to communicate with the eG manager without needing any additional firewall configuration.

Support for multi-tenancy and monitoring multiple private networks: Support for multi-tenancy is built in. Users receive personalized logins and they can only view the status of their infrastructure. When supporting multi-tenancy, it is imperative that the monitoring system supports monitoring of multiple private networks using the same web console.Since the eG agent initiates all the communications, the eG VDI Monitor-on-Tap even supports servers that are assigned private IP addresses, and networks that are behind network address translation (NAT) devices. That is, you do not have to have your servers on the Internet to use this service – the servers can be in your Intranet.

Does not involve business sensitive information: The eG agents collect performance statistics pertaining to the target servers/devices. Metrics such as the users who are currently logged into the virtual desktops, resource utilization of the each user on the virtual desktops, the availability and responsiveness of the Xen DDC, etc., are reported by the agent to the management console. The eG Enterprise suite does not monitor business-related information (credit card information, etc.), and the information transmitted between the agent and the manager can be audited by the IT administrators at any time, using packet sniffers.

Secure, authenticated access: Your data is securely maintained and all accesses to the service are authenticated. Only you have access to metrics, alerts, and reports from your infrastructure.

eG’s VDI MonitorTM monitoring service free for up to 60 days

eG innovation today announcedthat customers of the Citrix XenDesktop® desktop virtualization solution may use eG’s VDI MonitorTM monitoring service free for up to 60 days.

Vishal Ganeriwala