I’ve just met with Chris Gissing who has led the team behind the Citrix Solution Center at Synery Berlin 2010 to understand a little more about what goes into its creation. The Solution Center is designed to allow our guests at Summit and Synergy to experience future technologies and speak one-to-one to our architects.  There are 26 individual demonstrations going on at any one time so it’s quite an undertaking for Chris and his team leading up to the event!

Planning started back in February 2010 with discussions around potential demonstrations for each area of the stand and the themes they needed to cover.  As I wrote about earlier this week, the event’s themed demo is about FlexBank acquiring AlteBank (translates as Old Bank from German) as a means of showing the flexibility of FlexCast.  Chris explained the objective behind the demonstration was to show how FlexCast addresses the short-term tactical as well as long-term strategic challenges faced in the financial services sector.  In addition to showing XenApp working on kiosks, USB barcode scanning and XenClient, we also have an 1998 PC designed for Windows 98 running with XenDesktop to deliver a Windows 7 desktop – showing how the lifecycle of a device really can be extended with virtualisation.

However, long before the FlexCast demonstration area became the busiest at Synergy 2010, a staging lab was created in our Cambourne office by a team of five people.  Needless to say, these guys are researching and developing the latest and greatest for Citrix as their ‘day jobs’ so the staging lab infrastructure was built during their evenings and weekends over the period of two months – an amazingly committed bunch who really do go to all lengths to make sure our customers can get to grips with the technology at Synergy.

It took a whole week of packing and taping to make sure the Solutions Center was ready to be shipped to Berlin but Chris is hoping it will only take 2.5 hours to re-pack for the journey home…. sounds like a similar time ratio reduction for my packing tomorrow but I’m sure they will not be throwing things like I will be into my suitcase!

I’m a bit of a fact fan and Chris was explaining there is over 1.1 km’s of network cable and 1 terabyte of memory on the virtualised servers dedicated to the Solutions Center….

If you’re at Synergy and you haven’t been to the Solutions Center yet, I’d recommend you scurry there as quickly as possible.  The most popular stations have been:

  1. FlexCast pod
  2. XenDesktop 5
  3. XenClient
  4. HDfaces

Enjoy – I certainly did!