Yes, and so is a Lego Racecar…

I’m not sure if it was the protesters outside Moscone Center West in San Francisco, Homer Simpson’s brain xray, or the wifi network that kept dropping as the 172 access points contended for airspace inside the hall. Yesterday was a full day of excitement as I am sure today and tomorrow will be also.

Samsung will announce the Samsung TAB today, although as you can tell from the Samsung booth, its no secret. The Samsung TAB has already been released in Europe. I originally thought, ok just a competitor to the iPad, but no. The formfactor is smaller, and everyone that came to the booth, said “wow, I will actually buy this over the other device because… it fits in my pockets” (slacks, jacket, sportcoat, lab coat). The speed is amazing, apps run in the background, and it is easy to use. Being a proponent of the “i” products, I am convinced I will switch to Samsung, as it runs on all networks, not just the call dropping AT&T.

The President of Samsung came by the booth for a demo of Citrix Receiver on Samsung devices and was impressed. I was just impressed by the fact that the president of all of Samsung came by. Adam Marano did an excellent job showing how Enterprise Apps can be delivered to any Samsung device, anytime, anywhere using Citrix Receiver.

In our pod within the Samsung booth we had a Samsung Galaxy S phone, Galaxy TAB and Windows netbook. Each of these devices was running Citrix Receiver connected to our demo cloud in Dallas, TX. In this demo cloud we have applications such as 3D Modelling, Medical Apps, and other Enterprise Applications such as Microsoft Office. Also on display was the GoldenGate email client that integrates with Microsoft Exchange.

Citrix Receiver is a high performance, universal client technology that enables IT to deliver virtual desktops, business applications, and content as an on-demand service to any user or device. With Reciever, IT has complete control over security, performance, and user experience, with no need to own or manage the physical device or its location. Receiver runs on any device – PC, thin client, smart phone or tablet…and its free. Receiver runs Windows Desktops and Applications, Web Applications or SaaS apps on demand. Receiver is simple and easy to use with one touch controls and navigation.

You can download the Citrix Receiver here.

Connect to the Citrix Demo Cloud, and create your account here.

View pictures of Homer Simpsons brain, 3D Lego Racecar and other Enterprise Apps running on Citrix Receiver here.

It’s powerful!