I should say that the self service portal released with XenServer Cowley is a pretty cool addition. The Beta is freely downloadable and can be used with the free version of XenServer.

It is a pre-built 200 MB XenServer Linux appliance and it works happily as soon as you import it into your XenServer pool.

It solves the long standing problem of XenServer(and most other hypervisors) not having a web portal for end users to self serve VMs.

What I like most about this product is that the entire process of installing, setting up and configuring the whole thing takes less than 5 mins.

All you need to have in handy with your XenServer pool is:

  • XenServer pool username, password,
  • AD credentials to import users. If you are not using AD, that is also fine as you can create users through the portal.

If you don’t believe my ‘less than 5 mins’ comment, check out the video. This is recorded on my XenServer pool(with one host) using local storage running XenServer Cowley Beta build.

The end users of the Self Service Portal get access to VMs based on their XenServer permissions and can do their day-to-day activities like starting, stopping, suspend etc.. with their VMs.

The admin of the self service portal doesn’t need to re-configure user’s access and permissions as it uses the existing XenServer permissions and provides XenServer Role based access to VMs. So once the admin has an already configured XenServer pool, you are ready to go in 5 mins.

Do let me know your thoughts!


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