If you look back over the past year, we have seen tremendous momentum with XenDesktop. Analysts, press and customers are all telling us that Citrix is the market leading desktop virtualization product. So, it is exciting for us to announce today the next version of XenDesktop – XenDesktop 5 – will further catapult desktop virtualization into a mainstream reality. However, while a new product is always exciting for a company, for me, I have gotten to experience first hand how our excited our partners are. Over the next few days (here at Synergy Berlin), there will be many partner announcements attached to XenDestktop 5, proving that the ecosystem is behind us.

For example, you will hear about how McAfee and Citrix are delivering the first product of a joint collaboration announced at earlier this year (at Synergy San Francisco) to make virtual desktop security simpler and more scalable for large enterprise deployments. McAfee MOVE, which is available today, has been specifically designed for XenDesktop. In addition, you will hear about how Wyse and HP are both announcing day one support of XenDesktop 5. You will also hear about how Wipro and Lenovo are building XenDesktop and XenClient into their upcoming solutions for DaaS and corporate laptops, respectively.

While these are just a small sampling of what you will hear this week, we can not forget other great announcements from the recent past, such as our joint solution with Cisco and our overall amazing partnership with Microsoft.

Now, if you thought that XenDesktop had a lot of support from our partners, read on… The Desktop Transformation Model combines the collective experience of Citrix and some of the industry’s leading partners who have successfully rolled out millions of virtual desktops and applications to end users. These partners have joined forces with Citrix to show customers that there is a simpler way to realize the benefits of desktop virtualization – the Desktop Transformation Model. And, they have the proven expertise, services and tools to help a customer make desktop transformation a reality. The initial ecosystem of partners includes Capgemini, Dell, HP, IBM and Fujitsu, and Citrix Ready Open Desktop Virtualization program members, including App-DNA, Appsense, Apptio, Lanamark, Liquidware Labs, Matrix42 and RES Software.

As you may know, my responsibility at Citrix is to build key product specific (XenDesktop) alliances. As you can see, life is busy right now with the desktop virtualization ecosystem coming to Citrix because customers are demanding the support for XenDesktop. Looking into the future, I assure you…there are many more partnerships to come!