Synergy Berlin 2010 – October 6, Today Citrix announced the release of the newest version of Citrix Receiver - a universal client for IT services.  This time around we added support for a bunch of new devices including the hottest new tablets on the market and a fully integrated “app store,” making it simple and secure to access any kind of app or desktop from anywhere.  So what does all of this really mean for you and how is it different for Citrix? 

The Problem

Today, with the move to desktop virtualization and, in parallel, Software-as-a-Service and cloud computing, IT has a number of different app and desktop delivery choices:  local apps, virtual apps, local desktops with virtual apps, and finally SaaS apps, just to name a few.  Providing simple, centrally managed, and secure access to all of these app and desktop types is rapidly becoming one of the biggest challenges facing IT today.

Adding to this difficulty is the dramatic growth of technologically savvy end users.   These new workers are demanding access to corporate networks and apps from a never-ending array of un-managed devices including traditional PCs, Macs, smart phones and most recently tablets.   Each of these devices is running a unique operating system with device-specific features, requirements and limitations.

The net result of all of this increasing app and device diversity for most customers is a more complex IT infrastructure with a larger attack surface for security vulnerabilities, more cumbersome management requirements and ultimately, a more costly desktop computing environment to support.

The Solution

Enter Citrix Receiver… Receiver is truly a universal client that provides the easiest end user access to virtual desktops, apps and IT services from any device with a secure, high performance experience. With the broadest support for corporate owned and personal devices, including some of the newest tablets entering the market, users get the flexibility to choose when, where and how they work.  

New enhancements to Receiver add secure, one-click access to not only Windows apps, but any web or software-as-a-service (SaaS) app via an intuitive, fully integrated enterprise app store.   For IT this means a common user interface for all access devices with no sacrifice in security, portability or management.  This is a really big deal folks.  This means that one login can get users access to any kind of app, on any kind of endpoint device, running on any type of network.  Moreover, it means that IT doesn’t have to build custom apps for every device type entering the workforce and users aren’t forced into conformity with boring and inadequate corporate device standards.

Touch enabling and boosting productivity

What is even cooler is that Citrix Receiver takes full advantage of the unique capabilities of each device type.  That means that a savvy iPad user can now pan, zoom and gesture inside a 15 year old Windows app that was never designed for that type of functionality – simply amazing – AND – since productivity pays the bills these days, everyone from IT to the Board Room will be happy with users doing more work from wherever they happen to be.  Now here is the kicker on the productivity point – users will actually like doing it.  Now that is a refreshing idea and what we think the new Citrix Receiver can mean for you and your business.

OK you’ve heard what we think so now let us know what you think about the new Citrix Receiver and what it could mean for you and your organization.

See you online…