As you know, we are in Berlin this week for Citrix Synergy.  There are a lot of great sessions that you should check out via Synergy Online.  (I especially the GeekSpeak ones!) It’s also the time of the year when thoughts around the world turn to harvesting crops and having great festivals to celebrate them --while we have arrived in Germany too late for Oktoberfest, there is still Cannstatter Volksfest (here if you don’t speak German).

What does all of this harvest talk have to do with Citrix Synergy and Desktop Virtualization?  I didn’t see the connection either until I read “What Do Farming and VDI Adoption Have in Common?” In this blog, Allan Anderson relates the Desktop Virtualization to the “unpredictable nature of growing crops”. While I agree with the perspective that Desktop Virtualization is a rapidly growing market and is happening sooner than expected by many in the industry, the growth is not coming as a surprise to Citrix and our partners.  In fact, we have helped thousands of customers across many industry segments roll out millions of virtual desktops and applications to their end users.

Today Citrix announced the new Desktop Transformation Model which leverages the collective experiences of Citrix, our Systems Integration and Citrix Ready Partners and, of course, our customers.  For this blog, I would like to focus in on our partner involvement and how we have prepared for “the harvest”.  As I’ve stated before, Citrix’ commitment to our customer success  extends beyond our products and incorporates all of the requirements of our customers.  The Citrix Ready program enables Citrix and our partners to ensure that our customers have confidence in their ability to successfully deploy virtualization solutions across their organization.  In addition to the verification aspects of the program, our partners have participated in the creation and support of the Desktop Transformation model.  In fact, there are over 15,000 products verified to be compatible with Citrix XenDesktop in the Citrix Ready Open Desktop Virtualization Program.  Combine the product verifications with the expertise of Citrix Consulting and our System Integration partners with Citrix Ready Desktop solutions and you can harvest until the cows come home!

So how about that harvest?  Well, farms generally start with barn raising and involve a whole community pulling together for the betterment of the community and to deliver the best user experience to the end user -- for real farms, great food; for desktop virtualization, Citrix HDX).  Although communities pull together to help out when there are emergencies, we are prepared for our harvest with the Desktop Transformation Model.

So where does that leave me?  I’m looking forward to hitting a harvest festival of my own in Half Moon Bay when I get back to California!