With the introduction of Citrix Receiver in 2009, Citrix also announced an open, extensible SDK that would be a part of the Receiver platform to allow third-party software vendors to integrate and deliver add-on services that were complementary to the Citrix desktop virtualization solution.

Over the last year, we have worked with multiple vendors from anti-virus, application delivery; endpoint scanning, etc technologies to help them create plug-ins that integrate with the Receiver Platform. The process of creating plug-ins is extremely simple and easy to work with given the openness and extensibility of the SDK, not to mention our dedicated engineering and support folks are always happy to help explain the technology and related API’s.

We started the year with a few technology vendors helping them understand the market opportunity and overall customer value of creating plug-ins on the receiver platform. To facilitate and quickly build the ecosystem around the receiver platform, we further simplified the process for vendors to engage with Citrix, by leveraging the Citrix Ready program that allowed vendors, easy and quick access to Citrix resources, may it be engineering, support or marketing.

In the process, some vendors have chosen to use the Receiver SDK to create installation wrappers to provide basic delivery and installation services, while most have invested in creating a tighter integration that not only provides installation and delivery services, but also adds registration, user controls, notifications, reconfiguration and coordinated exit with the Receiver client.

As customer requests and field demand started pouring in, vendors are starting to realize that the receiver ecosystem that is primarily based on Citrix plug-ins and some third-party plug-ins provide more compelling solutions that are unique and unmatched in the industry. The receiver ecosystem also provided these vendors with an opportunity to:

  • Tightly integrate with an innovative and single product solution that enabled the on demand delivery of desktops, Windows apps and business and IT services to users on any device (Windows, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, etc)
  • Built upon Citrix desktop virtualization technology, the most widely deployed desktop virtualization platform would help increase their customer footprint
  • An opportunity to promote add-on services that are complementary to the desktop virtualization platform and leverage Citrix Ready program for marketing activitites
  • Further reduce IT management and administration by integrating with the Citrix Receiver platform
  • Most importantly, Receiver already had authentication, single-sign on, security, traffic optimization, and self-service app store capabilities, so third parties could focus their efforts on add-on services for users

Today, we have a list of strategic vendors who have signed up to build on the receiver platform using the SDK. Microsoft, Sophos, Trend, McAfee, RSA, Tricerat, Avistar, Thinprint, etc are just a few of the vendors that are currently engaged with Citrix in the creation and delivery of plug-ins on the receiver platform. We plan on extending this list of vendors to bring more and more compelling solutions to our customers via the Citrix Ready verified receiver plug-ins

If you are interested in developing a plug-in for Citrix Receiver and getting it listed on Citrix Ready catalog then here are 3 easy steps

1 Download and install Citrix Receiver SDK.
2 Develop the plug-in for the Citrix Receiver
3 Test the plug-in using the Citrix Ready test kit for receiver and submit result it to Citrixready@citrix.com mailbox

Feel free to reach out to me via comments if you have any questions or feedback.

Vishal Ganeriwala
Twitter: @Vishalg