Project GoldenGate: a hosted micro-app for secure email. A technology concept release from Citrix Labs.

The VP of Citrix Labs, Martin Duursma, introduced GoldenGate as part of the CTO Crystal Ball session at Synergy Berlin (Martin starts at 1:15).

How many device variants will we have by 2012? Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and SmartPhones – ever more variants of SmartPhones and Tablets. What does this do to your support costs for applications across these worlds? Do you need to support ’em all? Perhaps not yet, but the pressure is rising for apps on a much broader range of devices.

Citrix Labs is investigating the conjunction of the emerging micro-app, the need for device-independence, and roiling security concerns. We see a need for a new mobile platform (not a stage on wheels), a general purpose, device-independent environment in which to host and develop mobile focused applications.

Our approach – which shouldn’t surprise most readers of the Citrix blog – is to use Windows (and XenApp) as the common, unifying component. While not immediately intuitive to many in the mobile world, this has the benefit of being a well understood platform, with no staff retraining, and no new infrastructure. What’s not to like?


Our first example micro-app is a Secure Email client, known as Project GoldenGate. This application is designed for use on touch devices while being hosted on XenApp. It connects to Microsoft Exchange to provide much of the functionality of Outlook, but in a small screen, task focused manner. It brings all the security and device independence advantages of XenApp to the mobile device.

The VP of Citrix Labs, Martin Duursma, introduced GoldenGate as part of the CTO Crystal Ball session at Synergy Berlin (Martin starts at 1:15).

Labs Technology Concept Release

You can download an experimental version of GoldenGate for a test run. This is what we’re calling a ‘technology concept release’; it’s designed so that we can all explore this new future. Keep in mind that the software is not yet fully baked and we’re hoping for your feedback on any rough edges. The labs team will be producing iterative releases of the technology over the near term in response to this feedback.

So what does it take to set up GoldenGate?

It depends. Are you across XenApp and Exchange? In that case it should be fairly trivial. Otherwise, I suggest you work with your technical experts. See the Project GoldenGate download page.

Please let us know what you think. The goal of a technology concept releases is to refine the rough edges, collectively explore new approaches, and see if this makes sense as a Citrix offering. For any of these to work, we need your insights. I, and the rest of the GoldenGate team, would love to hear from you on the forum or via email.

Other mobile approaches

Other approaches for Citrix and mobile devices include ‘mobile-friendly apps’, ‘the Nirvana Phone’, and ‘data dashboards’. For more check out blogs from Chris Fleck.