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Welcome to the New IT, Information Technology Is Everybody’s Business. The role of IT is changing. Now, more than ever, IT needs to operate closer to the business and businesses need to transform their IT into a lean and integrated business tool. Here is how we can help.

Citrix® and Microsoft® are offering you the reality of The Optimized Desktop. Together with our V-Alliance partners, we will help you achieve your goals for efficiency, cost reductions, compliance, integrated management, and security. With Cloud Computing becoming more relevant, it’s important to prepare for the next IT evolution

The V-Alliance is shared between Microsoft, Citrix, and Intel®. The goal of the alliance is to provide you with a central place to find all the materials you need to address your customers needs for delivering the ultimate desktop.

Traditional Datacenter

What would be the best way to describe a traditional datacenter? When you mention these words, everybody nods, but do we all mean the same thing?

  • It will run under your own control and on your own premises.
  • It will host homegrown and other applications. This includes complex environments with thousands of different applications.
  • Generally, there is no standard hardware platform enforced.
  • There is a mix of platforms in use.
  • The use of management tools is not always a given.
  • There will be frequent updates and patches due to different applications and platforms.
  • Traditional datacenters tend to have more complexity.

Virtualized Datacenter

A virtualized datacenter differs from a traditional datacenter in several ways:

  • It runs fewer and more standardized applications.
  • Virtual environments will run on a standardized hardware platform.
  • It uses a standardized management system.
  • Application patching and updating is reduced and streamlined and there are standard processes to execute.
  • Workloads are optimized and standardized.

Private Cloud

A private cloud has most of the properties of the public cloud. However, instead of relying on a multitenant infrastructure model, you will now move to a single tenant infrastructure model.

This infrastructure can be on premises or can be purchased from a hosting provider. It will, however, be a dedicated and private resource.

This will then provide an internal service-oriented environment optimized for performance and cost that is deployed inside and under the control of your infrastructure.

Public Cloud

A public cloud is the vision of turning on a service in the same way as delivering on demand TV, water, or electricity. Just turn on the service, as much or as little as you want, whenever you want it. You pay nothing when you are not using it. Your experience using the Internet may be the best example of a public cloud infrastructure.

Cloud computing as a model for delivering IT infrastructure is as simple as water from the tap or electricity from the socket. Cloud computing makes IT infrastructure available as an on-demand service including operating systems, applications, storage, servers, appliances, and systems management. This provides you with a pay-as-you-go model and is based on a multitenant model where the backend is shared with other users and you have no control on its operation.

It is mostly provided by large, extremely efficient service providers that are able to produce IT infrastructure services in high volume at low cost.

Controlling Costs

When it comes to costs and the Optimized Desktop, it doesn’t matter where the desktop will run or what type of desktop it is. The Optimized Desktop will help your organization reduce your costs and increase efficiency. By streamlining IT management and processes, cost management and efficiency benefits are more quickly realized.


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