For Enterprises and Service Providers

Citrix OpenCloud Framework lets enterprises and cloud service providers build and operate private and public clouds by providing the core logic to rapidly provision, manage, and control applications deployed as cloud-based services. It supports interoperability with popular cloud interfaces to let customers leverage their existing investments for migration to the cloud.

The Technology

Citrix OpenCloud Framework empowers the construction of enterprise class, policy-driven clouds on an open architecture with a high degree of technology interoperability. Specifically, Citrix OpenCloud Framework provides:

  • Policy-driven distributed cloud control − The ability to host multiple tenants with secure, isolated services delivery, and fine-grained control of cloud services via user, application, and infrastructure level policy enforcement.
  • Tenant management − Extensive support for multi-user, multi-organization, and multi-company deployments, including management of roles, groups, and privileges across both fine-grained and coarse-grained tenant objects.
  • Application management – A rich library of reusable multi-tier enterprise application templates to perform rapid assembly, deployment, and lifecycle management of cloud-based services.
  • Open infrastructure management − An open architecture across compute, storage, and network elements to provide flexibility and choice.
  • Extensible Integration − True RESTful API and modular architecture allows integration and control of third party services in the cloud.

The Benefits

Citrix OpenCloud Framework allows enterprise and service providers to maximize return on IT infrastructure investments across all tenants and business units by providing the foundation for building and operating a cost-effective, fully customizable, business policy-driven service. Key benefits include:

  • Gain operational agility by rapidly assembling business applications from template libraries and rolling them out as cloud services.
  • Preserve SLAs via fine-grained resource allocation, elasticity, security, and compliance policies.
  • Address management and monitoring of the virtualization layer, application workload layer, and tenant layer with a robust full featured policy engine.


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