Citrix OpenCloud framework

In yesterday’s Summit keynote we heard a fair amount about the Citrix OpenCloud Framework and the momentum around the not-so-white-and-fluffy variety continued today with an announcement that will see Citrix NetScaler VPX fully certified to integrate with HP’s high-performance 5400zl and 8200zl switch series. While I’m far from technical, I’m told that it will converge LAN switching and L4-7 load balancing into a single device bringing all those wonderful benefits such as lower costs, increased app availability and better speed performance. Ultimately, it builds on Citrix’s believe that cloud-based datacentres should be flexible and scalable enough to deliver IT as an on-demand service. Having wondered past the HP booth a few moments ago, it was busy so hopefully this is giving our partners plenty (more!) to think about. Citrix is now a member of the HP Alliance ONE program and the joint solution is available immediately through authorised Citrix and HP networking channel partners.