Work in your boxers

I don’t own Pajamas, so I work in my boxers, although it is starting to get cold heading into Winter. Mark T. talked about Workshifting in his keynote. See how Five co-workers come together to launch a virtual division in record time. They enable people to work from anywhere, securely. Their solution breaks cost saving records. When the unexpected hits, the business amazingly keeps running. See the triumphs unfold in every episode of The Real (Virtual) World.

Check out the background and bios of the cast. Visit the resource center to discover cost savings through virtualization, on-demand applications, workforce continuity, collboration & Support and Product Demos.
The News from the Virtual World is hilarious, one headline reads “Employee goes to work in pajamas for 24 straight days”. You have to read about the flying golf cart. It is now possible because pipes are fat, and Citrix makes apps thin. Check it out.